Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bangkok, A whirling, twirling, swirling Dervish!

Bangkok is a whirling, twirling, swirling Dervish!  A madhouse of a city filled with an energy that could rival NYC but with traffic jams that can even put it to shame! I've never seen the constant drone of traffic so dense, so unrelenting as I did experiencing the streets of Bangkok.  Imagine, NYC without it's trains, subways and taxi's and instead, it's millions of people are traveling via cars and motorbikes and little 3 wheeled 'tuc tuc's'  (taxis) weaving in and out adhering to no apparent traffic laws or enforcers to boot! A madhouse for sure that can leave you as dizzy as a carnival ride, yet, exciting, inviting and oh, so welcoming.


It was here that we were first introduced to the complexities and contrasts of Thailand.  Amazingly even with the craziness, the Thai people remain kind and gentle and helpful, going about their business but never seem too busy to explain or redirect.  The pantomime can be hilarious as the language barriers are overcome, with gestures and soulful attempts at forming words uncommon to either party.  But somehow we managed and they managed us and we soon found ourselves to be navigating comfortably from one end of the city to the next albeit it at a snails pace most of the time!


Nonetheless, we hit the ground with both feet running wanting to take in everything possible in the few days we had arranged to be there.  All of the exotic splendor that you might imagine being found in someplace like Thailand is real….only what you don't expect, is to see it juxtaposed in the midst of the 'other' real life the way it is.


One minute we're studying the hundreds of food stalls lining the street, trying not to gawk at the dried insects or the roasted ducks swinging by their necks or dodging one of the many merchants pushing their carts, careful not to step on any of the 'soi (street) dogs' aimlessly sleeping in the most inconvenient places.  And then we suddenly find ourselves face to face with the most magnificent temple or palace and wonder just when did we stepped into Disneyland and asked ourselves, how can this be real??? But real it is!  Wish you were here! It's Heaven on Earth!!

Hope to see you soon, Marcy