About Me

marcy the heartshift coach

Hi, I'm Marcy Neumann, The HeartShift Coach.

This blog is about my journey to find my authentic self, to live my authentic life and to share it all with my soul mate.

It's about my own development through HeartShifting, the process where I changed my perception, let go, let in and developed a self-love that's so powerful, the energy created brought me exactly what I was seeking.

What I have found is happiness, health, abundance, love and living a life even better than I could have dreamed.

It's my hope that my journey will inspire you to become your authentic self and live the life you were meant to live too.

I'm a healer by nature. It is what led me to a career as a registered nurse.  

Early in my training, I began to realize that there was more to complete and total healing and recovery than just the science-based conventional medical side.

I was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister and in doing so, I was able to create a bridge and close the gap between scientific healing and spiritual, natural well-being that caused my patients to thrive.

After further training to become a Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotist, I took my calling to heal even further. I created a unique, cutting-edge health and wellness program called CELL pH Love™ (Self Love) where I show the powerful connection between the physical and metaphysical worlds of healing and the influence of thoughts and emotions on the pH of the cell. 

My latest inspiration for helping people heal is through a program called Self Love - A Life Path Program.   This programs contains 4 core and key components:  Deep Cellular Healing, Forgiveness, Letting Go and HeartShifting. When changes are made at this level, the results and the way you live lasts a lifetime.

I base my own life around these components and I truly believe my life is what it is today because I practice those principles daily.

I nourish my soul and I have learned to let go, go with the flow of life, take a different perspective when needed, create the energy I need to shift my heart towards letting in this life, the life I have now and the life I'm working towards in the future.

I want these things for you too and if any of my stories, tips, quotes or inspirational images can help, I'm glad you're here.

From my heart to yours,